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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Montana State Fair Food - Part 2

After my foiled attempt at eating outside the box earlier, I had to return to my fair food roots, the familiar, reliable standby:


What I realized after scouring every menu placard on the strip was that footlong corndogs have saturated the market, but only one has raised their price to $6, while the rest came in at $5.50. I chose the generic stand which had no line and one lone corn dog basking under a heat lamp that had my name written all over it.

12 inches of beef, pork, chicken, and turkey remnants wrapped in a synthetic cellulose casing, deep fried in batter, slathered in ketchup and mustard, and laid in bed of thin, crinkly paper. I knew exactly what to expect and I wasn't disappointed. Ahh, how I missed you old friend...

With a lump of above mentioned food wallowing in my throat and clinging to my esophagus, I had no other option than to go in search of another fair standby:


Luckily for the sake of my digestive system it was in the same spot it always is, right inside the Mercantile Building's East doors. Be prepared to fork over $3.50 for this medium sized drink which is 99% ice and provides about 3 syrupy slurps before it's gone. Nobody said this liquid gold comes cheap!

CONCLUSION: My $20 bill plus an extra buck fed two of us which is much less damage than I had planned for. It would have been closer to $30 had the kind ticket lady not let us through free of charge. My other comrades each had a $6 Viking which is a skewered, battered (surprise!), fried (shock!), baseball-sized meatball which they can't go one year without and which I can look forward to attempting next year because I haven't yet learned my lesson from diverting from my typical fair staples. You only live once right?

Other Top Fair Foods I've had (and enjoyed) in years past:
  1. Pink lemonade shaved ice with a waterfall (dollop of half and half in the center of the ice)
  2. Deep-fried jalapeƱos (tip: bite just the top piece of breading off and let some steam escape, otherwise you will end up with a lap full of hot cheese and less skin on the roof of your mouth along with the inability to taste anything for the next few days)
  3. Smoked turkey legs
  4. Fried rice and chicken teriyaki
  5. Fried cheese curds (think mozzarella sticks but in ball form and variously sized)
  6. Cinnamon and sugar fried donuts
That about covers it...The Montana State Fair website has a pretty extensive concessionaire menu list (natch, no prices) along with a handy map to assist if you find yourself wandering aimlessly in food heaven (or hell).

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