All prices mentioned are based on the accuracy of my memory at the time...which may fluctuate depending on amount and type of beverage consumed.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ryan's Station

  1. clean, relaxing, inviting atmosphere
  2. being greeted and sat to our table by the owner who also took our drink orders (it's nice to see an owner or manager get his 'hands dirty' and be a part of the wait staff, something I rarely see anymore)
  3. stiff drinks (only if you order a tall! it is the same price as a regular and comes in a slightly larger glass than a regular which was roughly the size of a double shot glass, we learned our lesson!)
  4. The Pulled Pork Sandwich with Tillamook cheese that two of my co-workers SWEAR by and refuse to divert from each time we eat there. I will have to try it and review it someday since I have been underwhelmed with the other food I have had so far. But as of yet I will take their word for it and place it in the 'Positives'

  1. does 'too cold' qualify in the summertime? We were fine but beware of being sat underneath the air conditioning vent. I witnessed a couple who requested to be moved before they froze to death.
  2. small portions...everything I've eaten there has just baaaaarely squeezed by filling me up. Now to some people eating enough just to that point of satisfaction without gorging is their cup of tea...well it's mine too (except on Thanksgiving) however I enjoy meals that I can take my leftovers home and use as another meal for lunch and dinner. Don't plan on that if you eat here.
  3. The Grilled Walleye sandwich set me back $8.25 and for the amount of advertising they do for this sandwich...HUGE disappointment. My tiny piece of mushy, bland fish only covered half the piece of whole wheat toast that it rested on. I didn't even use the other slice or else I wouldve been eating a toast sandwich. The jalapeno mayo tasted just like the regular kind, tomatoes were mushy, and I didn't even notice the lettuce. Did I eat all 5 bites of it? Yes, I did. Will I order it again? a Resounding NO!

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david said...

I'd like to point out that the burgers at Ryan's Station used to be so-so...but a few weeks ago, we went there and I ordered a burger, expecting nothing special.

HOLY COW! It was one of the BEST burgers I've had in ages! I asked the cook about it, and he said that they switched the meat and the recipe recently.

Definitely worth going back for now.