All prices mentioned are based on the accuracy of my memory at the time...which may fluctuate depending on amount and type of beverage consumed.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Sting Sports Bar

  1. non-smoking atmosphere
  2. watching the Thrillbillies perform classic songs (especially when the fiddle player joins)
  3. family friendly approach (where else can I as a child-free adult hear the screaming sounds of children while drinking beer at 10pm?)
  4. waitresses who are friendly yet complain about how DEAD it is at every beck and call but once we pay our tabs refuse to acknowledge our existence even though another friend has showed up and we want to order more drinks, and it's NOT because of a cheap tip unless 20-30% qualifies as cheap
  5. ok, so maybe there are only two positives and one is a crapshoot...

  1. High prices ($8.25 for 6 lemon size potato skins?)
  2. The fact that my friend has been a 3x week patron for 8 years yet has NEVER been offered a free drink and is even refused one, the first time he asks?
  3. The premise that I am told by the bartender that the reason is 'the owner' likes to be paid for his alcohol and to contact him about it...yet I ask for his a. email address, b. mailing address, c. phone number...and am greeted with a. im not sure, b. the sting, c. 727-7972
  4. call the one bit of information i have...only to be answered as 'the sting, how can i help you' OK so I made the 'how can i help you' part up
  5. the fact that we (my boyfriend, I, and coworkers) have spent thousands of dollars at this place over the past year alone and are provided with what incentive to entice ourselves or others to be repeat customers?


Anonymous said...

wow this post kind of makes you sound like a huge bitch. I'm unsurprised that yelling at some bartender who probably would have lost his job if he gave you the MANAGERS PERSONAL NUMBER didn't net you positive results. do you honestly think that's reasonable behavior? insane.

Epicuria @ said...

1. I don't see anywhere in my post that I 'yelled' at anyone. It was a very calm exchange of information (albeit useless).
2. I was advised to contact the owner and wasn't given any feasible way to do so. That was the premise of my frustration. And if I was given the Sting's phone number at least I could have been told that at the time along with the hours to reach the owner.
3. Don't you honestly think that lying and namecalling are two qualifications that (as evidenced by your comment, yet absent from my posts) makes you more suitable for your own accusations than myself?