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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Goode's Q & Bayou Grill

I finally got my chance to try it out! Not only had my boss eaten there for dinner the night before, but he brought me there for lunch the very next day! (And no, he had no idea that I have a food review blog or that one of you suggested it.) That enthusiasm alone let me know that I better not refuse this offer.

  1. small, confusing parking lot on a one-way
  2. small, confusing dining room layout with a one person wide funnel to enter or exit which is directly next to the cash register, resulting in a huge traffic jam of bodies trying to leave, find a table, or pay
  3. short ceilings and slanted floor (or maybe slanted ceiling?) made even a person of limited stature (myself) feel like a giant and also slightly dizzy
  4. the water that I ordered for my drink was not refilled at any time during or after my meal (although I was in desperate need from the spices and salt content in my dish)
  5. I ordered the Shrimp and Crawfish Etouffee which was slightly spendy at 10.50 for the amount of food given. I had planned on taking half of it home for leftovers as I usually do, but it was only the size of a large bowl of soup so I left with nothing but a full belly (which is OK too I suppose) It was definitely different than anything I had ever eaten, mustard colored soupy rice dish with a slight film on the top, but once I dug in it was rich and delicious!
  6. florescent lights down the center of the room...I know I talk about lighting a lot which is important to me for a dining experience but there was plenty of light let in from the large windows and some soft sconce lighting on the log paneled logs, so a new light fixture instead of the cafeteria style lights would improve the aesthetics greatly.
  1. small, homey diner type feel with a 40 person max capacity, red tablecloths, chairs, and drink glasses, syrupy sweet waitress dressed in shortalls who looked fitting of a Southern accent but didn't have one at all!
  2. the flavor of the food, right amount of spice, right amount of seafood (about 15 small shrimp which allowed for one in every other bite), different than your normal Montana diner options of burgers and fries ALTHOUGH they do offer that on their menu as well, which one pusillanimous person from my party opted for (the bacon cheeseburger to be exact) who labeled it 'pretty good'
  3. The owner himself was working the till and asking folks on the way out the door how their dish was and thanking them for coming with a big, toothy, genuine grin
  4. I was told by a coworker that he and his family had a long wait for their food once and were comped their entire meal!
I enjoyed the fact that it was different from my average meal or average establishment. The only major downfall I encountered was the disposition of the building inside and out. Food was on par, the owner's personable aura is refreshing....but I do hope one day he adds a catering option! If you haven't tried it yet, I would highly suggest it!


Anonymous said...

"And no, he had no idea that I have a food review blog or that one of you suggested it"

TMI - the boss knows now!

Epicuria @ said...

Au contraire...I told him the second we sat down at the table so as to explain why I taking so many notes in my cell phone :)

david said...

Great review -- and the owner's attitude is AWESOME! You can tell that they absolutely LOVE what they do!

Epicuria @ said...

I agree, it is definitely contagious!

Unknown said...

Although the smells emanating from the kitchen were quite enticing I warn my fellow heartburn sufferer's to take whatever you take for heartburn BEFORE walking in the door. I love a good bbq'd pork sandwich as much as the next guy but I could feel my heartburn swell the moment I walked in. My companions ordered each a house specialty which looked good and they seemed to enjoy it. After much internal struggle I went with the safe bacon cheeseburger. The burger was a little over done and dry but I could fault myself for not specifying it to be cooked medium rare. As far as epicuria's other notes I concur.


Anonymous said...

You don't get out much do you?

Anonymous said...

this critique was a little too aesthetically focused for me. while i appreciate your detailed description of the inadequate building/ doorway/ lighting, i'd much prefer a more thorough description of the food!

Anonymous said...

Why the heck do you have a blog if you never update it?

Anonymous said...

"Why the heck do you have a blog if you never update it?"

My guess at an answer... The non-chain restaurants that are left generally suck, the chains are crap.

So what to review?

Treasure State Jew said...

Try the brisket. Pure ambrosia.

John Q said...

I eat Gumbo from Goode's every Sunday. This place is amazing!!!!