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Monday, August 4, 2008

Halftime Sports Bar

  1. Dark atmosphere with (usually) enough seating to accommodate the crowd.
  2. Mixture of clientèle ranging from older regulars to the younger, just turned 21 set.
  3. 60+ flat screen TVs including those in the bathroom.
  4. Classic rock playing on the speakers at a non eardrum-pulsing level.
  5. Playmakers (electronic devices that let you play multiple choice trivia against other bar patrons and tracks your points for you indefinitely, as long as you sign up for a username.)
  6. A complaint about the price of my vodka/liquid ice energy drink ($6.75?) nets me a free one instead of a suggestion to contact the owner (I'm talking about thou mentioned in a prior post...if you thank your customers for their loyalty they won't have the desire to start blogs about crappy service.)
  7. Cheap beer ($2 pints, $1.50 during happy hour) Michelob Ultra and Belgian White are 2 of my faves and always arrive ice cold, frothy, in a chilled glass, and frequently!
  8. Buffalo Chicken Salad or Halftime Nachos (well portioned, plated nicely, and satisfying, definitely enough to split between 2 people which is a great deal for around $8.)
  9. Grilled Turkey and Swiss is a favorite of mine, carved turkey and swiss cheese melted between two slices of heated bread. It's a warming, comfort meal that could be easily made at home but somehow never matches the Halftime's version. Often featured as a lunch special for 6.95 with soup or fries (add 1.50 if you substitute a garden salad, I wish they wouldn't charge extra for a few pieces of lettuce, grated cheese, one carrot, one beet, and one celery stick on a plate but they do.)
  10. Speedy waitresses who memorize your drink orders if you are a regular and backorder your drinks when the end of happy hour is near. They are neither overly oppressive nor inattentive and have lighthearted personalities which deal well with the abrasive folks that I normally share my dining and drinking experience with...ALL of which is the perfect formula for primo wait service and part of the reason which makes me a repeat customer.
  1. Smoke! Typically not too bad as long as there are no smoking patrons around you due to the ceiling fans, but if there are smokers at your table you will likely need to play musical chairs in order to sit downwind.
  2. One pool table, definitely not the place to be if billiards is your thing. On special event nights they remove it completely to make room for more seating and on normal nights if it is busy you may find yourself having to adjust your placement (or the offending patron) in order to shoot.
  3. Menu prices seem to rise a few times per year, but that seems to be the norm nowadays.
  4. Sure I have had a few unpleasant experiences in the past (gnats stuck to my hard boiled egg, undercooked chicken, onions when asked for none and scraped off instead of a new sandwich made, salads brought with no accompanying silverware) but the multitude of positive experiences outweighs the above, and for the record I did get the gnatty eggs deducted from my bill.
Good drinks, great eats, friendly/quick waitresses, TV/Playmaker entertainment, diverse crowd, plenty of places to move (did I mention there is a casino and restaurant section), but be prepared to inhale smoke or (although rare) have a less than positive dining experience.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the review. The Missus and I eat there every couple of weeks or so, mostly for the trivia game. I have no particular complaints about the food or the service, but I could second and even third your comments about the smoke. Now, I know it's a smoking establishment, and I accept that I'm going to leave the place smelling of smoke. That's okay, as far as it goes. But The Missus and I sit in the non-smoking section, and while I can't possibly expect the air to be sterile, it seems as though the smoke is actually piped in from the other sections as if to shame us for wanting to eat in a smoking establishment. The Half-Time, though I enjoy the place, is the very illustration of the saying, "Having a non-smoking section in a restaurant is like having a non-chlorinated section of a swimming pool."