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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sting and Ryan's Station Revisited

Hi all, thanks everybody for your comments on my young and first blog...whether you're a lover or a hater, it's nice to see that at least someone is out there reading my POV. I've had a busy week with Rockin the Rivers and the Weird Al concerts (which were equally thoroughly amusing), so I haven't had much time to formulate an official review as of yet.

Last week I did revisit Ryan's Station which provided more of their same speedy, friendly service and delivered some tasty Fish Tacos (although slightly greasy) and Shredded Beef Tacos. Each dish came with two tacos each with a plate full of multicolored tortilla chips and some too chunky tomatoey salsa that I barely touched. What looked most appetizing however was the Hawaiian Delight Pizza which looked plump and cheesy and delicious, but was only 12" and came with a $14.95 price tag. The pineapple and ham tasted fresh but the yeast overpowered the taste of the crust. It was a so-so experience, prices still too high for the amount of food that you get, but it is a pleasant atmosphere with kind workers.

I also returned to The Sting (to much merriment) for their outdoor concert Thursday (disappointing turnout for a Food Bank fundraiser) and was perplexed, yet delighted at the Bud booth which had 16 oz aluminum bottles of Bud or Bud Light for $2!! Any of you beer drinkers who partake in their consumption at any type of outdoor event knows that's about half off the usual price, so it definitely made my day! We purchased so many (we had a big group of around 10-12, thanks to my word of mouth) that they gave us the Bud Light bottle opener to take back with us. Two of us in the group (including me) were also 2 out of 20 finalists in the running for a Bud Party cruise to the Caribbean! There were Bud reps handing out tickets and they just so happened to pull mine, but not for the cruise or any of the door prizes :( I had no knowledge of this giveaway previously and the only reason I knew about this shindig was that I found it on the Sting's homepage when I was looking up their email address to send my first ever Eat/Drink GF review to (which I never did BTW). Big Mouth BBQ was catering and I was eagerly looking forward to trying it, but they were shut down by the time I arrived one hour into the show (my guess is from lack of customers since there were so few people there.)

Anyways, the plug got pulled (literally) on the stage around 9pm and I convinced my beer munchie ravished party to head inside to try the Chicken Breast Sandwiches (we got 4 total) and of course the other half of the table couldn't go without ordering a Sting pizza. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed at the quick, friendly service and the improvements in the food. The pizza looked 180 degrees different than it normally does, with half the grease, and perfectly placed chunks of meat. The chicken breast and salads came out quickly and were hits with my crowd also. When ordering our beers, we inquired about pitchers and the waitress advised us that ordering the big mugs were a better deal. How absolutely refreshing to not be upsold! (Although, I like to figure out better deals by doing the math anyways, so it would've been found out eventually!)

And the owner even thanked us for coming to the show as we were walking out. :) It's the little things that count and that make customers return...

One request, dim the lights just a touch. I am glad I was wearing a visor, but the rest of our weary eyed group had to squint from the bright overhead lights. All in all, I just felt the urge to write about my positive experience (although this same place has now been reviewed 3 times!) to prove to everyone that I do give credit where credit is due and that my M.O. is not what some people think it is...


Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to the Hawaiian Pizza!

GeeGuy said...

Man, you've got to get out and have something to eat! We need a post!