All prices mentioned are based on the accuracy of my memory at the time...which may fluctuate depending on amount and type of beverage consumed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bert and Ernie's Music, Food, and Brew Pub

Whew, that's a long name for a restaurant! Amazingly enough that's one of the very few things I have to complain about after having one of my most customer friendly and delicious dining experiences in a great while! A few mere seconds upon walking through the door we were greeted by a cheery hostess who sat us in a window seat with a nice view of a downtown Great Falls parking lot (better than nothing). Upon asking what we would like to drink I pondered for half a moment and before I knew it the beer and wine menu was placed on our table. I must say they have a better than average beer selection although worse than average prices. I do appreciate that they post their beers and prices online which you can view here: I can continue to bore you with an entire story start to finish but instead I'll just name some...

  • friendliest and speediest wait staff of all restaurants I have encountered in recent memory (when's the last time you heard someone say thank you to YOU as they took your dirty dishes?)
  • ice water with lemon was immediately brought to our table upon arrival without asking
  • stuffed pepper soup (rice, ground beef, yellow and red peppers, tomatoes) came so piping hot I had to let it cool for a few minutes but it was WELL worth the wait, and the homemade fresh whole wheat roll was a nice addition although it did cost an extra $1
  • the Stella Artois I ordered came in a branded, chalice-pint glass (yes I'm amused by the smallest things but they add up!)
  • full rack of baby back pork ribs was served with plenty of napkins and towelettes and comes with just enough food to feed two people...soup or salad, mixed veggies, and baked potato (My dinner companion recommends getting it loaded with bacon, sour cream, and chives for $1 more, I myself took a pass on it altogether but it sure looked tasty)
  • within 5 seconds of the sun starting to peek out from behind the clouds and cast some streaming light into our faces the hostess was at our table asking if we wanted the shades lowered
  • clean and contemporary bathrooms with copper fixtures, enclosed toilets, and floor to ceiling marbled tiles are some of the nicest I've seen in a restaurant or bar in GF let alone downtown (people that know more about construction materials forgive me if I got any of the descriptions wrong)

  • a lonely ant crawling along the windowsill tried to join us for dinner, we didn't let him sit at our table, but did amuse ourselves trying to figure out whether he was a vegetarian or carnivore (still undecided, he was gone by the time I remembered our impromptu experiment was ongoing)
  • beer prices spendier than usual ($4.50 for a draught pint compared to $3 on average)
  • garden salad with lettuce, 2 cucumbers, and a tomato left a little more to be desired but at least it was fresh
  • limp, lukewarm mixed veggies with dinner left a LOT more to be desired
  • ribs tasted less fresh than when I ate them a few months back
Ultimately, after dinner and drinks for two, a $35 bill, and a half rack of ribs in a doggy box I was so pleasantly satisfied that I felt the need for this post after SUCH a long drought. Thanks Bert and Ernie's for reviving me!