All prices mentioned are based on the accuracy of my memory at the time...which may fluctuate depending on amount and type of beverage consumed.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dimitri's Greek Restaurant

On my second repeat visit to Dimitri's for a crave-inducing gyro in 2 weeks (I tried to make three visits, but a picky coworker overruled me). I decided to go with a traditional lamb instead of the chicken which I still much enjoyed a week prior but stirred jealousy of my lamb-eating friends raving about theirs at the time. The restaurant decor is true to producing Greek ambiance with the grapes hanging from the rafters and Greek music constantly streaming. The menu is filled with authentic Greek specialties at a reasonable price, but I have not been daring enough to try much besides the gyros and the Mediterranean Sampler which comes with calamari, doulmaldes (grape leaves stuffed with seasoned lamb and rice), hummus with pita chips, feta cheese, and kalamata olives. My favorite of the plate being the doulmaldes and who can resist big hunks of cheese!!

One item that I went from despicably hating to craving daily is the Lemon and Egg Soup. It has an extreme lemon taste, so it is not for the sensitive tastebuds. I talked my coworker into ordering it with his gyro and he succeeded in swallowing no more than a spoonful before shoving it out of reach and giving me The Death Glare. One coworker only orders the Hades gyro but was initially disappointed in its lack of promised heat (hot and spicy feta spread with gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pepperoncini). If you go during lunch hours you will find the prices to be about 5 bucks cheaper than the dinner menu but on the lunch menu you get soup, salad, OR fries as a side...on the dinner menu you get soup or salad, and rice, garlic mashed, or Greek potatoes plus Greek green beans.

A few suggestions for the owners, if there is only going to be one waitress at lunch time handling 6 tables and doing the cooking from what it seemed.... can we have our soup and salad first? that way we aren't faced with sculpting mountains with the Sweet & Low to pass time, starving for 40 minutes before it is all brought to us, and having a 10 minute span to shove it in our mouths and get our bill paid before attempting to make it back to work in time? That would make me much more apt to return more often for lunch and recommend it to fellow coworkers looking for some decent sit down food to fit into our lunch hour.

I would love to try the octopus next time they have it or witness the bellydancers that perform on occasion. All in all this restaurant is extremely beneficial to the diversity of culture specific restaurants in this town. I applaud the owners for introducing this type of food into our palates!

WARNING: I have not once left there without immediately drinking huge glasses of water the rest of the day. This is not a place for you if you are on a low-sodium diet.